Please bear in mind that you need to be in admin role to access Team settings function.

To access Team settings, go to your Profile and select Settings to access Team and Projects sections. Then click on Team tab.

In Team section you can

  • edit your Team name,
  • add & edit types of activities (see Tips below),
  • invite new & delete OR inactivate existing team members,
  • set user roles (see Tips below).


  • Users can be given Admin- , Client or Normal user roles in Nostromo. To set any of the roles use selector in Role column. Admin user can perform management tasks in your account and can access all projects in Nostromo. Normal user is usually a member of your team with access to organisation’s timesheet and projects he/she is added to. User in Client role is usually someone from outside your organisation accessing only projects he/she is added to.
  • Team members set as inactive are listed in the bottom of your team member list.
  • Activity types you define in team section (eg. planning, development ... etc.) will appear as selectable parameters of timelog items, letting you to log working hours to activities set here.
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