To be able to overview and edit parameters of a Project you need to be in Admin role in your Nostromo team.

There are two ways to get to detailed Project Setting page: 

  • select Projects in Settings to access your list of projects, than click on a project's name to proceed to your project's detailed data page.
  • or choose the settings icon next to a project name in the Projects select list.

On the detailed Project Setting page you can

  • add or edit project name,
  • include a project description,
  • store your incoming Slack webhook URL,
  • add and manage project members
  • initiate exporting your Project's data, and hibernating or deleting the Project.


  • If you need to reuse your data outside Nostromo, use Export function available here. As a download we provide you .csv and .json files with your project setting data, cards, comments and time logs.
  • Look up for your project members and their contact data on detailed project page. Here you can also add new members by marking his/her checkbox.
  • Hibernated projects can be brought back to life via reactivating them. Go to Projects in Settings, scroll down to Hibernated Projects and open the one you need to use again.
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