You might want to find a card in Nostromo, in a given Project, in Archive or using the Timesheet module.

1., To start an all-round search in Nostromo use key "S" and type in related card information in the text field provided.

2., On a project's board go to the Filter box ( hotkey "F" ) and you can filter for cards by card name, card member, card labels and descriptions.

3., In Archive using the Filter field (hotkey "F") you can search by card names only.

4., On the Timesheet you might want to add time to a specific card you worked on. Use Log Hours function on the Timesheet, type in card name and select the card from the dropdown list appearing:


On your Dashboard all cards assigned to you are listed by projects.

To access your Dashboard either click on the logo corner top left or select Dashboard from the top right menu. Check this article for more information about Dashboard functions.

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