So you are using a great digital product management tool, Nostromo. Maybe you are also using some kind of communication tool to make the conversation easier and more effective within your team members and to escape the pile of emails you are sending from day to day.

Here at Digital Natives we do the same, and we are using Slack.

What is Slack? Slack is a messaging app for teams: everything in one place, instantly searchable. And it’s free for as long as you want, with an unlimited number of people.

It’s cool, it’s easy and it’s free, so try it out.

Are you a Slack user already? Here is a new feature you’ll love: you can connect all your Nostromo projects to a dedicated channel in Slack and get notified when someone creates, moves, comments or adds someone to a card.

So how exactly can you connect all your projects separately to a different channel? Here we guide you through the process via some useful screenshots.

If you don’t have one, first, create a channel in Slack for your project.

Then click on your channel and select ‘Configure Integrations’ in the upcoming window.

For configuring this brand new integration, just select the Incoming webhook from the list, it will appear towards the end of the list.

Afterwards just select the channel that you created before and click on the big green button.

The only thing left is to copy the webhook url from the slack’s setup instructions page to your project’s settings page in Nostromo.

The notifications on the performed actions will appear real time in the created project channel.

Now you’ll be able to follow the flow of your project anytime, anywhere.

Cool, right?

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