By using labels you can categorize your cards by color and term.

To add label to a card that has not any

  • open it and then click on + under Labels,
  • select label(s) from the existing ones by clicking on any of them,
  • create new label by selecting a color and giving your label a name,
  • remove a label from a card by opening the label list of a card and deselecting the label you do not want to use any more,
  • for editing an existing label, open the label list and click on the edit icon next to the label you need to modify.

To quickly edit labels of a card, without open it just click on a label already added to a card and the label panel will pop-up instantly:


  1. A single card can have multiple labels.
  2. Using Filter on Work or Plan board (shortcut key: F) you can also filter by all existing labels in a project.
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