On your Dashboard

  • you can access all Nostromo cards you are added to (they are listed in My Cards section) ; 
  • and you can create a simple todo list with tasks you need to focus on in the Todos section.

To access your Dashboard either click on the logo corner top left or select Dashboard from the top right menu:


Using My Cards section

Here we list all your cards (the ones you are added to) grouped by Projects.

  • Use period tabs on top to filter your cards and projects.
  • To check cards in a project listed here, click on the detail disclosure arrow on the right.
  • By clicking on a card's name, you can open it for further use.
  • Use card icons to quickly log hours to a card, to open a card by clicking on its name, or instantly create a todo list item with the selected card's name on it. 

Organizing your tasks in the Todos section

In the Todos section of your Dashboard

  1. you can create any task you have to complete by simply naming it and then clicking on the + icon;
  2. you can find all Nostromo card related todo items you created previously.

Arrange your tasks by drag&drop or mark them as completed by clicking on their checkbox. Using OPEN, COMPLETED and ALL tabs you can  filter your list items quickly.


  • Working with a card choose Create Todo from card actions in order to instantly pin a card to Todos section of your dashboard.
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