In Nostromo projects you can use two boards (Plan & Work) for managing your tasks represented by cards.

Using the Plan and the Work board you can separate your tasks as per their current phase:

  • cards are best to be created and managed on the Plan Board before they become ready for implementation,
  • then we recommend to continue working with them on the Work Board while they are under implementation.


  • Cards can be added to any board any time by clicking on Add card at the bottom of columns.
  • Within columns move cards by drag & drop in order to relocate them.
  • By drag & drop you can reorder your columns on any board.
  • For representing different working phases on a board (eg. Todo, Doing, Done, Waiting for client approval, QA Test, Ready to go live...etc.) you can create as many columns as you want.
  • To move cards between Plan- and Work board use Switch board function. Please bare in mind, that after using Switch board the card is relocated to the other board (eg. from Plan to Work ) and placed in its 1st column's bottommost position by default.
  • using move function, you can easily relocate any card and move it from its current place to a new project:
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