In Nostromo projects you can manage your tasks - represented as cards - either on Plan- or on Work board.

  • Cards are best to be created and managed on the Plan board before they become ready for implementation.
  • Your tasks under implementation is best to be stored and managed on the Work board.
  • For representing different working phases you can have as many columns as you need on both boards ( e.g. separate columns for Todo, Doing and Done phases can be handy on the Work board).

Open a Nostromo card to access multiple task related functions:

  • For each task you can add members & multiple labels, give estimation, write description and create multiple checklists by unlimited items in it.
  • Feed and Hours tabs on the right are at your disposal to comment and log your time.
  • Using Designs tab you can access design folders and files connected to a card.


  • Cards can be added to any board, to any columns at any time by clicking on "Add a card" at the bottom of a column.
  • Cards can be moved between columns by drag & drop. By clicking on its name you can open any card to add task details and invite collaborators.
  • Drag & drop columns whenever you need to reorder them on a board.
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