To create a new card for a task, either on the Work- or on the Plan board, click on Add a card at the bottom of any column. Without opening the newly created card, now you can already

  • log work hours to it,
  • add multiple members,
  • activate card actions ( switch board, create todo, move, archive, delete ).

After opening a card via clicking on its name you can add more details to your task & can use further card functions:

  • give multiple labels,
  • estimate workload in hours,
  • write a detailed task description,
  • create multiple checklists by unlimited items in them,
  • access card functions of switch board, create todo, move, archive and delete,
  • use Feed & Hours tab on the right to comment, attach files, or log your working hours,
  • check designs connected to the card clicking on Designs tab


  • Once you need to reuse an archived card just reopen it from the Archive panel (hotkey "A") using the restore icon next to its name.
  • Restored cards are moved backed to the exact same board and column where they were archived from.
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