In the Designs module you can

  • store your design files in folders connected to Nostromo tasks,
  • have team conversation around screen design plans,
  • make your source files available for implementing approved designs.

Open a design you need to review, give feedback to, or have to approve:

You can add comments an create a comment thread on any part of the design by double clicking to a selected point of the image. This way you can discuss all design related issues and change requests right on the spot.

When discussion is over you can clear up the comment by marking it resolved and after it will appear as checked.

Uploading source files ready to be used for implementation

When all design decisions are made and your plans are ready to be implemented you can also upload high resolution source files to Design module. To do that, open the module and click on "Upload source" button. Add any format with no file size limit.

Closing and archiving a folder

When a project or task is completed, you can archive a folder together with designs in it, but designs can be archived one-by-one too. Archived items are stored in the Archive module under "design folders" and "designs" tabs ready to be restored any time. Click on ... on bottom right to access Archive from folder actions.


  • Use the mention feature to notify a teammate in a comment thread: add @[your team mate's mention name] and a notification will be sent to him or her.
  • To find a design in a folder use Filter designs function in the folder.
  • To find a folder in a project's Designs module, use filter box for searching in folder names
  • With Designs module you also have the basic modification options (scroll to Zoom; left-right arrow to Navigate) and the drag&drop feature for easy organization uploaded designs.
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