Designs module is the place where you can organize screen design plans into folders and manage a team communication around them.

Creating folders for storing screen designs

Click on DESIGNS in the menu bar to activate the module. First create a folder for storing your design plans and connect it to a relevant Nostromo card you work on. To select  the card just start typing its name in the text field provided.

Step 1: Create a folder

Step 2: After giving it a name, connect the new folder to a related Nostromo card

Step 3: Upload or drag&drop designs to the folder.  File formats  allowed here to be uploaded:  jpg, gif, jpeg, pjpeg, png. File size is not limited. 

Closing and archiving a folder

When a project or task is completed, you can archive a folder together with all designs in it, or alternatively archive any design alone. Archived items will appear in the Archive module under "Design folders" and "Designs" tabs. All items can be reopened any time when you need them again.


  • To find a folder in a project's design module, use filter box for searching in folder names
  • To organize your folders just simply drag&drop them.
  • To access folder actions (edit, download, archive and delete) click on ... icon bottom right of a design folder.
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