If you try to invite someone to your team by an e-mail, you might get this  error message:

This is because the e-mail you entered is already registered in Nostromo and is associated to another team. Why is this a problem? Well, currently, as a user you cannot join more than one team in Nostromo with the same e-mail address. 

We are already working on a feature called “multi-team handling” that also solves this problem, but due to its complexity, it will still take some months before it is launched. Until then, there is a “hack” you can use to manage more than one account with just one e-mail address – or to invite a friend without having the above issue.

The “hack” works with those e-mail providers that offer aliases (e.g. Gmail). Instead of the already registered e-mail address, send the invitation to an alias of it. (An alias is another name by which you can refer to your existing e-mail, but it points to the exact same address, the same inbox.) For example:

In this example, your friend who owns lucas@nostromo.io will also get the invitation (and all Nostromo notifications later) sent to lucas+team_name@nostromo.io as if it was sent to their normal address. However, to access the team’s boards in Nostromo, they will have to log in using the alias. 

If your e-mail address is associated to more than one team using this trick, Nostromo will treat each alias as a separate account. This means that if you want to switch between your Nostromo teams, you need to log out and log back in again with the e-mail alias your other team is associated to. If you need to do it often, it’s a good idea to keep two separate browser windows open for the two teams (or more, if work in more). You can do it via the incognito window/private browser feature you find in all popular browsers. Another option is to use a tool called SessionBox.

If your e-mail provider doesn’t support aliases, you still can create another e-mail address, and set auto-forwarding its incoming mails to your original address. This way you will see all your Nostromo notifications in one inbox.

And we’ll surely let you know as soon as multi-team handling is available.

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