In case you allow Nostromo to send you e-mail notifications about card & design related actions (comments, mentions ... etc.) you can reply to them two ways.

Click on the button to open card or design in question to act on the notification you received.

Use the standard reply function of your e-mail service & Nostromo will convert your e-mail to a comment automatically.
In your e-mail reply text you can use mentioning via adding @usermentionname, however autocomplete is not working here, so you need to know mention names by heart. ( Learn more about mentioning here. )
E-mail notification about your reply will be sent only card members, and those who are mentioned in your text. 


  • Go to your Profile page to activate or inactivate e-mail notifications. 
  • Please keep in mind that using e-mail reply your pre-set automatic signature will be also added to your message by default. To avoid this, you might apply tailored settings available at your e-mail service. 
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